Stocks S8400 Sweeper: The King of The Road

1st July 2019

Stocks-s8400 Sweeper

From jobs large to small, we have the machine to TACKLE it all!

Equipped with the latest industry specifications, our Stocks S8400 Sweeper expertly restores ALL sites from driveways to stadiums to their original states – or better – within short timescales.

This heavy-duty machine is a tool that not only effectively clears everything in its path but is completely user-friendly for our operatives; helping to optimise the best results for all clients. It is designed to work hard, for longer. Designed with premium quality components and innovative technology, this is no ordinary sweeper!


  • Side Brush
  • Dust Suppression System
  • Nozzle Suction
  • Canbus Operating System
  • 'Tempest’ Leaf Blower
Side Brush

The side brush is one of the most complex features built into the Stocks S8400 Sweeper, this technology however, makes life easier for the driver. The side brush can be entered into a ‘power down’ mode which increases its capability to remove suborn run-in and compacted dirt. The side brush can be fully-adjusted sideways whilst the brush simultaneously rotates, this allows the sweeper to access tricky and awkward areas.

This sweeper combines several sweeping facets that work together to provide the ultimate sweep. This machine will cover all troublesome areas with an overall sweep width of 3659mm and a wide-sweep brush that expands across 400mm-diameter by 1300mm-length. The sweeper’s wide-sweep brush can be fully-adjusted without leaving the vehicle as it uses a regulation-system; two for left-hand sweeping and two for right-hand sweeping. These brushes are designed to last with robust 4mm power-primed and power-coated brush canopies and guards.

There is also an opposed sweep function, that allows the driver – with a quick flick of a switch – to blow material away from the suction nozzle.

Dust Suppression System

This feature ensures dust-free collection, no matter what the vehicle picks up in its path. The low-pressure and self-priming water dust suppression pump can inject directly into the suction box, towards the brush and across the side of the sweeper for an optimal performance.

The Dust Suppression System also includes a High Pressure Wash function that delivers a thorough clean using the sweeper’s 15 metre hose, suction box spray bars and wide-sweep brush spray bar. Together, the Dust Suppression System delivers 30 litres/min for a precise result.

Nozzle Suction

Much like the opposed sweep function, this feature can be easily adjusted with a quick switch action; allowing the two suction boxes to be raised, lowered and tilted ensuring a hassle-free pick-up of larger material. These cast aluminum suction boxes are robust, made with 4mm moulded vulcanised water-resistant rubber lining for a sturdy and long-lasting construction.

Perfect for gulley clearance, picking litter and leaf collection, the overhead suction hose reaches upto 4.2 metres long and is fitted with a counter-balancing spring system for a safe and weight-less performance.

As standard, the Stocks S8400 Sweeper is fitted with rear mesh screen shakers for healthy airflow. This makes it easy for the operator to clean the rear screens whenever the rear doors are opened and lowered for quick cleaning access. These screens can also be cleaned when the doors are closed by using the ‘quick clean’ function.

CANbus Operating and iSweep Systems

The Stocks S8400 Sweeper features an impressive control system. The vehicle’s functions are activated by an electronic CANbus control panel. This control panel is a user-friendly system, which allows the operator to programme their preferred settings and initiate these actions with the one-touch iSweep System. The iSweep system minimises distraction and gives the driver full control of the vehicle at their fingertips. The iSweep is installed near the driver’s door.

‘TEMPEST’ leaf blower

This feature is ideal for removing leaves from rural/semi-rural environments. In one motion, the sweeper vacuum exhaust can blow leaves from roads and verges from under the front of the chassis cab. The air jet can be adjusted to blow all debris to exactly where it needs to be. The operator can also use a handheld blower attachment which can be added to the wander hose to reach into trickier and difficult areas that cannot be blown away.

It’s important to us that we have the latest, innovative technology and equipment to provide the best service for all of our clients.


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